Barcode Scanner Troubleshooting

I do need your guidance in building my app. It involves linking the barcode scanner to my app , I have tried all the solutions available at the tulip community to resolve the problem but it doesnt help. I’m attaching my trigger sequence here for your kind refrence. Is there any mistake with my Triger sequence ?

hello @Krish, could you confirm 2 things:

  1. is the Barcode Scanner outputting to your Player?? if you install this app: Barcode Scanner Unit Tests | Frontline Operations Platform it can help in guiding you to confirm the Barcode Scanner is working correctly. if it’s not outputting anything, I’d recommend taking a look at this article: How To Troubleshoot Your Barcode Scanner | Tulip Knowledge Base - Support for Building Operations Apps.
  2. would you like the ID in the Table to be what’s scanned by the Barcode Scanner?? if so, can you change the first Action to: Table Records > Create Record > Device Output > Barcode, text?? I will point out that this will only allow you to create 1 record for each individual Barcode. if you change that Action to Create or Load, it will load the existing Record if there’s one with a matching Record in the Table.

Thanks Gio. The app worked out in the end.

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