Video upload issue


Just wondering if anyone else is having issues uploading videos to player widgets and/or tables?

I keep getting the error “File upload failed”. Its a 24.4MB video.


Can anyone help with this issue @royshilkrot @thorsten.langner?

I’m still running into “File Upload Failed” when trying to embed a video in a widget or in a table.

I’m sorry,

I’m not experienced in video related topics.

That’s totally fine. I pulled your name off another support that was replied to this morning. Just trying to get visibility to the issue for my Germany counterparts.

Would it be possible to pass this to someone working with video related topics?

Thanks for the reply!!

@DewyWCI Are you uploading the video file directly to the Tulip Table? (e.g. on the web admin interface) or using a file upload widget in an App running on Player?