Trouble with Video File Format

Does anyone else experience issues when trying to upload videos that were filmed on an iPhone and then converted to MP4? I filmed a small clip on my iPhone which by default uses MOV files which I understand Tulip doesn’t support.

I used VLC and a couple free online file conversion sites during separate tests. In all cases when I go to upload the file via the video widget in an app editor, I get an error about how only MP4 is supported.

Does anyone have and ideas or experience with a better method of converting iPhone MOV files into MP4 such that it’s compatible with Tulip? I’m guessing there is a simple solution that I have just missed.

Note: I have toggled the iPhone camera format from “High Efficiency” to “Most Compatible” which seems to have no impact.

Just to check, is the video size below 200MB? I know you are getting the MP4 error but wondering fi the issue is actually the size since our max is 200MB

Hi Beth, the videos I have been trying at 25MB or less. I just tried again today and now the error message is just “File Upload Failed”.

Gotcha - I can imagine that is frustrating! I talked to our support team, and they suspect it could be video corruption during the conversion. They would be happy to take a look for you to double check!

You can send them an email ( and include both the MOV and MP4 files for them to check, and they can provide some guidance from there.

(If they do find its video corruption and have a recommendation for a different conversion method / software, I’d love if you could share that on this thread - I’m sure someone else would find it helpful to know in the future :slight_smile: )