Edge IO is now available to customers

Tulip is replacing its flagship I/O Gateway device with the new Edge IO, a wifi-enabled, easy-to-implement, low-cost edge device for collecting operational data and integrating it directly into the Tulip platform.

Edge IO

Connect machines, devices, PLCs, and sensors with Industrial I/O ports, and USB connectivity.

Edge IO natively supports powerful high-speed current and vibration measurement. Combined with external off-the-shelf sensors, Edge IO can monitor stranded and proprietary machines in the cloud. Networked machines can be connected with Tulip’s OPC UA support, and Node-RED onboard the device.

Edge IO can run Tulip apps directly with an external touchscreen monitor and run as a complete workstation. The addition of 2 integrated Tulip Light Kit channels further reduces the need for additional hardware, making it easier than ever to get started.

To learn more or purchase an Edge IO visit the Tulip website or contact a Tulip team member.
To get started using an Edge IO, visit the Knowledge Base.

Edge IO will be widely available on February 17th, 2022, at a cost of $600

Factory Kit

The Tulip Factory Kit is being updated with Edge IO included. Light Kit is being replaced in the Factory Kit, and two Light Strips will be included instead. Edge IO natively supports 2 Light Strips.

The USB Light Kit device will continue to be sold and supported on I/O Gateway and Edge MC.

To learn more or purchase a Factory Kit visit the Tulip website or contact a Tulip team member.

Factory Kit with Edge IO will be widely available on February 17th, 2022


@jacobdupuis and @kcamenzind what are some recommended vibration sensors to use with the Edge IO?

The sensor we currently recommend is:
IEPE Accelerometer, MFG: PCB Piezotronics, P/N: 603C01

It can be purchased from the manufacturer.

To learn more about the recommended sensors for Edge IO, check out this support article.

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@jacobdupuis , thank you very much!