Several display devices

Hello Team
We require your support since 2 stations at our site have several display devices. This has impacted us everytime we run the app.
As some impacts that we have seen are:
•For 1st station: all the time, TULIP asks him for user and password when he opens Tulip in his iphone.
•For 2nd station: tulip player does not update with the changes, after developing an app
Could you please help us with this? Or let us know if we should contact someone else.

hello @Judyth,

  1. what browser is the user accessing the player with?? could you ask the user to check whether cookies have been disabled on their iPhone?? for reference, here’s how they can. be enabled or disabled: Turn cookies on or off - iPhone & iPad - Google Account Help.
  2. can you confirm the Station you’re not seeing the updates on is set to run the Development Version of the app?? alternatively, are you publishing (and Restarting) the app?? for reference: How to Set Up a Station | Tulip Help Center - Support for Building Manufacturing Apps.

thanks for posting!!