Tulip Player Now Available on iOS

Today is a big day for Tulip – the Tulip Player is available on the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad! Now you can run Tulip apps on your favorite iOS devices anytime, anywhere.

Get the app here.

Huge shout out to everyone who helped with alpha and beta testing the app. We couldn’t have done this without you!

Want to learn more about the iOS app? Check out the latest article on the Tulip blog.


This is great! Does link sharing registration work with the app?

Yes! Display device 1 time links work with the IOS player!


Awesome! So we just use the “Player” link instead of the “Browser” link?

@Ethan -

Yep! This link will queue the opening of the player app, and auto-register like they would on the windows player.


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I want to know the detail about it.
What is it ? Is there any document online ?


Display device registration links exist on the Display Devices page under Shop Floor. They’re a great way to quickly set up devices running the Tulip Player. We have an article in our Knowledge Base about them, you can find it here.

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Is it possible to trigger printer (eg Zebra portable any series) connected via bluetooth to an iOS or android phone?

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I found “View Device Logs” in the “Device Settings” on iOS Tulip player. What kind of information will be logged here?
There are no log events currently on my app.

Hi @ta-aoki! The Device Logs are primarily used by Tulip Support when troubleshooting Player issues. The logs capture any errors or device failures. You’ll likely never need them, but they’re helpful if you experience any problems with the Player and need our help to get back up and running.

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