IOS Application Timeline

Hi Tulip team! Will there be an IOS app coming out soon? We are trying to use the URL player on our production floor and the connectivity has been a huge challenge. As we know URLs are not constantly running in the background but apps do which would resolve our issues. Please let me know, thank you!

Hey @djmaggio8 I’m curious what issues you’re running into? I’m about to start rolling out my app on a lot of iPads

Hi @Ethan, We have our iPads on carts that roll around throughout our plant/warehouse so they are not stationary stations. Because it is on the web browser rather than an app it is not constantly running which means it needs to be forced to reconnect every so often manually. With an app it would constantly be running without prompting it manually. We are seeing a reconnect error very often due to this. Unless the web app is being used constantly it needs to manually be reconnected.

Oh okay interesting. My users are frequently opening and closing the app to do other operations on the iPad so I suppose that is forcing the reconnect.

Hi @djmaggio8 - Thanks for the feedback and sorry for the delayed response. Unfortunately, we don’t have a timeline for a native iOS app as of yet, but realize that it is important.

Hello, @pete
Is iOS app still in development ?

Do you have plan to support “Google Chrome” or “Microsoft Edge” as iOS Tulip Web Player browswer ? (which currently seems to only support Safari).

Hey @ta-aoki,

This is still on the backlog, getting caught behind a few other priorities. It is on the roadmap, but very likely won’t be getting a lot of focus until Q4.

Thanks for the patience,

Do you have plan to support “Google Chrome” or “Microsoft Edge” as iOS Tulip Web Player browser ? (which currently seems to only support Safari).

Actually, now I can use Microsoft Edge ! (no Chrome yet)
Does this mean that you now support Microsoft Edge as iOS Tulip Web Player browser (along with Safari)?

Hey All-

The IOS player is now available-