Launching a Tulip App with a QR Code or NFC Tag

Hey All!

Spurred on by a few questions on Community, I threw together a quick guide on how a Tulip app can be launched from an NFC tag or QR code. Forget bookmarking every app an operator may need, or the dashboards relevant to a specific location in your facility. No more mass emails sharing a link for the 10-zillionth time.

This technique is incredibly simple.

  1. Tulip apps can be run in Safari, Chrome and Edge. The first step is get the link to your app. The format for these links is [your instance][App Id]. The app id can be found in the URL of the app you want to share. In this example the link I need to encode in my tag is:

petehartnett.tulip .co/player?app=JEWmMkh5iQqShzqGT

  1. Generate a QR code for this url, or write it to your NFC Tag. I have found this QR code generator to work well, and the this app on Iphone to be quite good free options. These tags can be affixed anywhere that makes sense for your users!

  2. When this tag is scanned, the user will be prompted to open the url in their default browser. Click on this prompt.

  3. The first time you use the web player you will need to login and create a station, but subsequent logins wont require any registration.

Huge shoutout to those who were curious if this was possible. Keep the cutting edge ideas coming!