Need Kiosk solution

I have an Intel NUC clone with windows 10 Home on it. I have enabled kiosk mode but it turns out you can only run specific apps called “UAP Applications” so no Tulip Player…

However, it can run MS Edge which would work perfectly find for a dashboard situation. I got everything setup and then performed a reboot where I was unexpectedly presented with a browser based Tulip Player screen asking me to setup the display device again.

Unfortunately it appears that Microsoft enforces private browsing in Kiosk mode and without it being part of an AD domain, you can’t really override this behavior.

I can’t be the only person that needs a solution like this. IT does not want Raspberry Pi’s on the network…

I will echo that it is really useful for development purposes to be able to spin up “virtual players” in incognito windows. This used to possible by using permanent links for accessing a display device, but that feature has been removed. So there is no way that I know of for “re-entering a display device” once the cache is lost.

Maybe someone from Tulip knows how to still use that functionality? Even if its behind the scenes?

@danielpomeranz Could you elaborate on what this is referring to?

Hi @Richard-SNN you can run win32 apps (non UAP / non UWP apps) through the shell launcher feature instead. You would need a Windows Enterprise license though. See What is Shell Launcher? - Configure Windows | Microsoft Learn

If your Tulip site is using SAML or LDAP for login, you can create reusable registration links which do not expire on first use. See “Reusable links” section at Setting up a Display Device Using a Registration Link

@Hari I believe that you used to be able to create those reusable registration links for non-SAML set ups.

We’re moving to SAML soon for the Memphis instance, but not there yet…

This feature has been exclusive to SAML/LDAP logins from the beginning. Badge Id sites have never been allowed to create reusable registration links.