Tulip Player system-wide install

We’re currently deploying Surface GO 2 tables in “kiosk” mode to run Tulip player. This works great for areas where we don’t already have computers available but now we’re deploying into areas/workstations that already have computers.

Not to put too fine of a point on it, but it’s dumb to deploy a $2000 kiosk in an area which already has a computer, but to my knowledge, system wide installs of Tulip Player aren’t available and I’m not creating a station for every person that logs into the same computer. It’s not scalable or practical to keep up with.

Hey @Richard-SNN -

There are 2 parts of this:

  1. Installing player to c:\ProgramData so it is available to all users. This is on the roadmap and should land this year. This will enable player to be installed just once for all users. Right now it needs to be installed for each user.
  2. Once player is installed, share the station across all windows users. There is a feature flag we can enable for you so one station is used across all user profiles on a single machine. Can you reach out to support@tulip.co so they can flip this flag for you.