App Workflow upon log in

Hello! I have a few different apps that I have created for the production floor for my company. We are launching iPads in order for the operators on the floor to be able to utilize these apps. When they log into tulip at the start of their shift we would like them to see a specific app as soon as they log in, every time they log in. Is this possible? If not can this be added as a function?

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you can assign a specific App (or Apps) a Station runs from your Shop Floor by navigating to https://{instance_name} here’s a quick guide:
select the Station and click Edit:

add the Apps you’d like to run:

click Save:

would this help you?? let us know!!

Hi Gio,

Thank you so much, this was a huge help!

happy to hear it @djmaggio8!! let us know if you have any other questions!!