App Data Sharing Across Workspaces/Instances

First post in the Tulip community! Woo!

One suggestion I have would be the ability to share data across workspaces in the same instance or better yet, the ability to aggregate certain app completion data across multiple production instances.

Current State: One site, one production instance, no way to share app data across an instance or even a workspace. If you want to share/aggregate data from site to site they must be on the same instance, only separated by app groups.

Risks of having multiple sites on one instance to allow for data aggregations:

  • For an LTS upgrade, both sites must arrange downtime at the same time. Upgrades, etc will affect both sites
  • If one group messes up their data and needs a restore, it will affect all apps from both sites

Potential future state: One site, one production instance (to mitigate above risk), ability to share select data generated from specific app(s) to help track overall business segment KPIs (if two sites fall under the same business unit)

This proposed feature would allow for: The ability for multiple sites (who are currently segregated by production instances) that are in one business unit, access to certain app KPI data that would allow for seamless aggregation. This would allow the aggregation of multiple sites performance data to drive clearer business decisions.