Approved document scanner

Looking for an approved document scanner for uploading multiple paper documents during receiving process. Camera can be used but would prefer document scanner.

hello @jboyle, welcome to the Tulip community!! it would be great if you could introduce yourself at: Welcome to the Community, let's meet!!

regarding your question, have you taken a look at the supported cameras on or site by any chance?? the webpage is: Cameras | Frontline Operations Platform and we currently support the IPEVO Ziggi-HD Plus USB Document Camera which is intended specifically for scanning documents.

here is some information from the manufacturer: Ziggi-HD Plus High-Definition USB Document Camera - Help Center | IPEVO.

would this camera suit your needs?? let us know and once again, welcome to the Tulip Community!!

I did see the camera you shared. While that would technically work, we typically have document packs that reach 15-20 pages. Setting up each page to be photographed would be very time consuming. I was hoping for a document scanner where it would be possible to load a stack of documents that would auto-feed and consolidate the documents into a single file upload.

Most industrial or professional scanners have an option to save/send scanned documents as a single file via FTP, SMB, email or cloud access (OneDrive, S3, …) I would use an orchestrator (Zapier, Workato, nodeRed …) to trigger a sequence of actions each time a new document is received. For example send data to the Machine Tulip API with data like the link/url, the file name, … So your application can react automatically when all pages are scanned. We can also use after Google API Vision to generate metadata though OCR functions and create automatic control. Hope it helps