Adjust quality of PDF Uploads?

In testing a document upload, we discovered an issue with compression. Please see the images below

Here is 100% view from adobe:
Tulip PDF Adobe 100

and here is the same area as seen in Tulip’s PDF viewer (at 400%)
Tulip PDF Tulip 400

Is there a way to adjust the compression type, or change quality? Looking for an option so we can upload large sized PDFs but still zoom in without too much artifacts. Thanks!

Hi @jasonh,

how do you load and save the file, and how do you open it in TULIP?

I Made a file input, loaded it to a Table, loaded the table record and opened it in the Player.
And even the max zoom was really good quality:


Hey @thorsten.langner !
The PDF was embedded into Tulip using the document widget. This PDF is being displayed within the Tulip step.
I guess we could load the documents into a table, but wouldn’t that require opening the document in a new window? Our operators will only have one screen, and we need to have the Tulip player up front at all times. I’m rather new to Tulip, so perhaps there’s another way?

Thats why I ask how you display it in the step.

Here you see the detour over tulip tables (left) and the direct way just showing the variable from the input (right). Both are fine and both work on a single step (no need to show the table)…

Thanks for the info @thorsten.langner!
I believe the issue is the “size” of the document I’m working with. Each page is 34" by 22". Much larger than your standard Letter / A4 size document! I embedded the document widget into a Tulip step and then uploaded the document. For this app, the user won’t be uploading anything. They only needed to view a document we already uploaded.

I tried again using a standard sized PDF and you can see there isn’t much of a difference:

From Acrobat at 100%
Screenshot 2023-03-08 140438

From Tulip at 400%
Screenshot 2023-03-08 140506

So, I don’t believe there’s a solution to my issue other than sizing the PDF to something that isn’t blueprint sized!

Hi @jasonh,

that sounds reasonable to me but seems not to be the case.

  1. Your standard size pdf is still not as good as my one.
  2. I tried a big one as well and cant find any quality issues:
    → 34,25" x 21,65"

Very high zoom:

Max Zoom:

I guess its either how you display the result (not how you upload it) or you have an older Release of TULIP or so? Or there are maybe some settings?

Or it has to do with the file size. Have you tried to to a PDF with text only? Is this one on point? It could be about a lot of image content…