Are the fields in any Tulip table indexed for quick filtering and search?

Dilemma, what to do?
I have a table which has two unique fields. GTIN and article number.
Currently I am using GTIN as ID, and the only thing I load from this table is the other unique value, article number.

I now see that in other use cases we will most likely have the article number and not the GTIN. So for future apps we build, the article number is the one to count on.

Will there be any difference in efficiency of getting data between direct acces to a table record and using a connector to filter and output the wanted data?

I have a sequence of triggers running and they are trimmed down to 3-4 seconds for one completion. Any additional delay is unwanted.


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Any comment to this @gio

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Hello @oviland,
We do not expect to see any difference in efficiency of fetching records if you moved from table records → load record by ID to a connector function running a GET request.


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