Arrows with fixed size of arrowhead

is it possible to include arrows with fixed arrowhead. So that the arrowhead doesn’t scale when the length is changed/scaled.

Regards Chris


any news whether it’s possible to include?

I have an extensive App with nearly a hundred steps with assembling pictures for assembly orders.
So I’m using a lot of arrows too, but the arrow head scales with the length of the arrow; doesn’t look very professional…

Regards Chris

I would say lines should be configurable as in MS Office.
Color, Thickness, Angle, Length, Endpoint style (arrow head / dot), Endpoint size…

This would have a huge impact on building instructions, and this would open the door for manipulating them on runtime (when such a feature comes for all widget parameters in future, as I hope).

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Hi @thorsten.langner and @ChrisF -

I can understand the frustration here (especially when you need to use the arrow widget extensively), and the apps/widgets team will be working on improving this. This is part of a a bucket of work to make many improvements made to widgets in the near future (likely within this year).

In the meantime, I can suggest using something like powerpoint to help configure your arrows as you would like and then copying those into Tulip. I totally acknowledge this is not an optimal workflow right now, and that is why the team will be working to improve the arrow widget functionality within Tulip!

Stay tuned