Automations Action Type : Create Table Record

Hey Folks,

I wanted to make a (hopefully minor!) product suggestion of an additional Action Type: Create Table Record

In the world of app’s I would use the action: ‘Create Record’ to create a new unique record
-I frequently use the expression: RANDOMSTRING(), which has done the trick for me.

However! In the world of Automations, there is the Action Type: ‘Create/Update Table Record’
-In this instance It will create a record if the ID is unique, but will update a record if it already exists.

I know by utilizing the expression: RANDOMSTRING(), the chances of a repeat are incredibly unlikely. But theoretically, it could occur?
-I figure that this action type would yield an error to prevent the overwriting of a previous record.
(I think this is how the functionality works in the app domain?)


Hi @Dave.ESSInc,

I hear you there - @Pete_Hartnett has covered this in another topic (and suggested adding a date-time to guarantee the randomness).