Table Record Counter

Hello! Is there a way that i can have an app create a record with a variable but if the record already exists create another record with the same variable with a counted number? For example: If my variable is Red but it already exists as an ID then the app would create a new record, Red (1) or Red(2) if Red(1) exists and so on.

Hey Cole, we are releasing a feature in the next 4 weeks that would enable this functionality. Would you like to be added to the beta group?

That would be awesome!

@kevin.kononenko Was there ever a solution to this? I am trying to do the same thing.


Hey Neil, we just launched a new feature called “Table Aggregations” that will solve this. It went out in release 204. Do you have that release?

No I don’t. How do I get it

Hi, I think you will find some answers in this post : Increment table ID field from the app :slight_smile:

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