Automations finally arrived to the Library!

Tulip’s brand new feature, the Automations are also available in the Library from now on. With this tool you are able to monitor your processes or machines, connect with 3rd party software and devices, and interact with application and tables in real time, every day of the week.
If you are interested, check out our Library and download the content below, to start your journey with Automations.

Update Inventory Table Automation

The Update Table Automation app allows you to monitor your inventory in real-time. Ensure that whenever there’s an update in your warehouse table, it intelligently assesses material quantities. If the stock falls below a set threshold, it automatically triggers to “Materials Needed”, streamlining your replenishment process effortlessly. Prevent inventory shortages with a proactive approach to managing your materials.

Send Slack Message Automation

The Slack Connector Automation allows you to deliver instant Slack notifications every time a new report is added to the 5WHY reports table. Stay ahead with real-time updates, enhance your workflows, and ensure you’re always informed and ready to take action. This uses the Automation capabilities in Tulip.

Part Count Alert Automation

The Part Count Checker automation demonstrates how you can set up an Automation in Tulip to oversee machine attributes, enabling you to effortlessly determine if production quantities fall outside predefined thresholds. Should any unexpected anomalies occur, our Automation feature is primed to promptly alert you and your team, ensuring peak operational efficiency.