Library Release 72 - January 2024

We’re excited to announce the most recent release of the Tulip Library.

The Library is a set of apps, app suites, connectors and widgets that can be added to your account and used out of the box. Each app comes with an installation guide and a video describing how the app works, and what the app can be used for.

If you’d like to use any of these apps, click on the app’s link below and install it to your account today!

Release 72:

TLDR: Library Release - r72


Update Inventory Table Automation

The Update Table Automation app allows you to monitor your inventory in real-time. Ensure that whenever there’s an update in your warehouse table, it intelligently assesses material quantities. If the stock falls below a set threshold, it automatically triggers to “Materials Needed”, streamlining your replenishment process effortlessly. Prevent inventory shortages with a proactive approach to managing your materials.

Send Slack Message Automation

The Slack Connector Automation allows you to deliver instant Slack notifications every time a new report is added to the 5WHY reports table. Stay ahead with real-time updates, enhance your workflows, and ensure you’re always informed and ready to take action. This uses the Automation capabilities in Tulip.

Part Count Alert Automation

The Part Count Checker automation demonstrates how you can set up an Automation in Tulip to oversee machine attributes, enabling you to effortlessly determine if production quantities fall outside predefined thresholds. Should any unexpected anomalies occur, our Automation feature is primed to promptly alert you and your team, ensuring peak operational efficiency.

Video content:

Work Instructions with Dynamics365

This video covers integrating Dyanmics365 with Tulip. It walks through Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) integration, work instructions updates, and other updates for providing necessary product information. This integration provides rigor for enabling a single source of truth in your processes.


Nymi Overview and Unit Test

The Nymi Band Unit Test includes tools you need to get started with Nymi and Tulip integrations. This app includes an overview of authentication methods, Nymi configuration, and a brief unit test to give an end-to-end package for Nymi integration. This overview and unit test walk through how to integrate with Nymi as a form of login and authentication.

Mobile Production Scorecard

The Mobile Production Scorecard App enables end users to record production performance during operations. End-users can track production count, defects, and station status, while also calculating takt time, yield, and cycle time. These data entries can be used for quality analytics, downtime scheduling, and over all production metrics.

Shift Starter Meeting

The Shift Starter Meeting App assists in conducting daily meetings by providing defined topics to improve meeting workflow. The app focuses on key operational aspects like safety, quality, attendance, scheduled procedures, performance, and daily targets. Information for each topic can be updated in real-time to keep a thorough log of each meeting.

Simple OEE Dashboard

The Simple Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Dashboard provides a starting point for measuring station availability, performance, and quality. This app provides a view into station-level effectiveness. It includes the analytics, layout, and more to streamline your operations improvement journey.

Aras Integration Unit Test

The Aras Integration Unit Test can be used to test connector integration from Tulip to Aras’ Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). Aras provides end-to-end product lifecycle management that can be integrated into your Tulip apps. This unit test walks through confirming the integration is connected properly to get full value from Aras to Tulip.

Machine Monitoring Dashboard

The Machine Monitoring Dashboard app lets you gain real-time visibility into machine states and value streams. End-users will be able to have visibility into preventative maintenance to avoid downtimes. Managing machines across the facilities is easy by viewing machines with the added context of a facility map.

Microsoft Teams Unit Test

The Microsoft Teams Unit Test app allows you to send Teams messages via Tulip apps to better connect the people in your operations. This app utilizes the Microsoft Teams Connector and provides an example of how end users can issue alerts and send reports, document improvement suggestions, and more within any Tulip app to enhance communication and efficiency. This app requires access to the Microsoft Teams API.

Microsoft Outlook Unit Test

The Microsoft Outlook Unit Test allows you to view Microsoft Outlook emails or send emails to a recipient(s) without leaving the Tulip app. Immediately send emails about alerts, maintenance issues, or requests.

Microsoft Excel Unit Test

The Microsoft Excel Unit Test allows you to connect and pull data from your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet into Tulip. You can add a new worksheet, look up specific cell values, create tables in the worksheet, and clear worksheets.

Microsoft Calendar Unit Test

The Microsoft Calendar Unit Test allows you to connect your Tulip app to the Outlook calendar to view, create, update, or delete events or recurring events. You can also view your full meeting schedule.

PTC Arena Unit Test

The PTC Arena Unit Test Application provides integration between Tulip and Arena, PTC’s Quality Management System (QMS) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) tool. This unit test explains and demonstrates how you can connect to, send and receive data between Tulip and Arena to bring your product data to your frontline operations. An Arena account is needed for complete integration.

PTC Arena BOM Integration

Tulip’s integration with Arena’s Bill of Materials (BOM) features bridges the gap between design and production. This integration allows you to conveniently view and interact directly with the BOM list within your Tulip workspace. This functional example shows how to integrate the BOM features of Arena into Tulip for increased efficiency.

Apps Suites:

Kanban App Suite

The Kanban app suite offers a lean and efficient framework tailored for material management, integrating the concept of “Kanban loops” to establish replenishment relationships between suppliers and consumer through customizable bins/cards. This suite seamlessly integrates Kanban principles into Tulip, providing a robust system that enhances material flow and streamlines production processes.


InfluxDB Connector

The InfluxDB connector contains authorization instructions and test functions to easily enable writing to time series databases in InfluxDB. This can be a beneficial tool for when time series databases are used for operations information, such as machine and sensor telemetry.

MaintainX Connector

The MaintainX Connector streamlines connectivity between Tulip and MaintainX Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS). This connection allows you to send and receive data to and from Tulip into MaintainX for operations, such as asset management, work order management, and preventive maintenance. Integrating MaintainX and Tulip provides essential visibility into your machine systems from your Tulip apps.

PTC Arena Connector

The PTC Arena Connector provides streamlined connection between Tulip and Arena, PTC’s Quality Management System (QMS) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) tool. This connector allows seamless data passing between PTC Arena and Tulip to be able to bring product information into your frontline operations. An Arena account is needed for complete integration.

ilert Connector

The ilert Connector streamlines how to integrate ilert alerting with Tulip. This functionality gives operators and managers visibility into operation status. This provides functionality for sending alerts to other systems, including SMS, calls, and more.

Schaeffler Optime Connector

The Optime Connector provides integration to Schaeffler Optime to get granular machine data from their sensor and cloud integrations. This connector streamlines getting data, like machine vibration, to Tulip. This functionality can provide deeper insight into machine performance.

Aras Connector

The Aras Connector provides a connection between Aras Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Tulip. This connector streamlines querying data from Bill of Materials and more. This functionality allows you to pull product data into your operations to have a complete picture of your operations.


Nymi Presence Integration Widgets

The Nymi presence detection integration widgets provide the architecture to subscribe to the Nymi band within Tulip for presence detection use. This functionality can be used for various use cases such as logging operators out of stations when they are away from the station, authentication of processes via the Nymi band, and more. This integration can streamline operations, especially in regulatory industries.