Bar chart grouping (my month) doesn't seem to match table data


I have created a “one operation” analysis using table data. On the x axis I am using a datetime table field called “Completed.” I am grouping the values by month.



On the y axis I am doing a ‘count of records.’


For some reason, the x axis date label is a month behind (December) the table record datetimes (January).


Any ideas as to why?


Hey Kevin,

What do you have in your “Date Range” field in the left hand panel? Does this say “all Time” ? My thought is maybe this date range is set so that it is limiting your data to only December 2023

Hi @Beth, thanks for reading my post! I do have it set to all time. I actually had many datapoints over many different months. The same thing was happening for each set of data (completion month in the table did not match the month displayed on the chart axis). But, I stripped the table/chart down just to show one data set for simplicity.

Interestingly, I do notice that the correct datetime is displayed on the axis when I switch the grouping to ‘day’ rather than ‘month’.

Hi Kevin,

Another thing to try here, for your Y axis, try switching from just “Count of records” to “Count where true - Is not null - Completed”

When testing on our side, this seems to give the correct grouping by month! Let me know if this helps.

Hi @Beth,

Thanks for the reply. I just switched the Y axis to “Count Where True” and I am running into the same issue when grouping by ‘month’. Very strange!

When I group by ‘day’ the graph appears to match the dataset.

Is it possible that a weird time zone issue is happening? I am physically located in California but I think my instance time zone is in Bangkok, Thailand. Would that contribute?



That is strange! I wouldn’t expect timezone to affect things more than 1 day. I am not sure what else it could be - I am going to refer you to our support team (I created a support ticket for you), that way they can look through the analysis themselves and see if there is something we are missing!

I am sure the team will be able to help figure this out for you!

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Just wanted to close the loop here with the solution -

Turns out, it was a timezone issue! The “group by month” feature is tied to a particular day, which in this case ties to Dec 31 for Dec, and Jan 1 for January. Because of the timezone difference, this day calculation was off by a few hours running into the next day.

Changing the timezone in the analysis to My Timezone fixed the issue

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