Dashboard graph data not tally

I recently encountered this issue regarding the dashboard data not tally.



Basically, the first picture represent the number of data I submitted everyday (which I circled with red color). I have submitted total of 5 data entries on 06th of Jun. So the bar graph data should only show 5.

But it shows total 6 instead.

It happened because after the next day, 07th Jun, I submitted 1 data and the bar graph doesn’t come out with new one but instead the data goes into 06th Jun bar graph chart and become 6.

It will happen every new day when i submit the new data and the very first data will go into previous day bar graph chart. But the subsequent data will come out with new bar chart.

What’s possibly causing the issue?


Is this related to not restarting the app before using everyday?

I don’t usually log off/close my app everyday and will continue to use following day.

anyone can help with this issue?

Hey @MTT -

Not sure how this slipped through my radar, just sent you an DM. I will update this thread when we find the root cause.

Almost certainly isnt an issue with app restarts. Analytics automatically update regardless of player state.