Barcode created outside Tulip

I’m trying to use a barcode that was previously created to scan from paper, and now I want to enter the same barcode in Tulip to be able to scan from there, and it doesn’t work. any help?

What type of Barcode and how did you try?

It is linear barcode. Code 128

I am building a work instruction that has a barcode that was previously configured with a Torque driver program, and since I don’t have the program, just the barcode, I want to know if I can paste the barcode as an image and be able to scan it.

Hi @Kissy262

there is two possible ways.

  • You could scan the code with a scanner App on your phone and check what type of barcode it is and what the content is (You seem to already know this information).
    And then you insert a Barcode widget, choose the type and paste the content.

  • You could make a screenshot of the barcode and then paste it as an image on your app canvas.

Is that helpful? If something doesn’t work just tell us where you struggle…

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Thank you so much, I paste it as an imagine and it works!

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