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Hi guys,
I tried the barcode generating functionality because i have to develop an application based on barcodes and i tried to write a multiple line text format. The barcode generating went correctly and i had my barcode. But when i treid to read it, i got numbers instead of text.
Any one know how to re-read the text that i have used before and generally how i can break down a barcode that is composed of multiple lines?
thank you,

hello @FahdERM, thanks for posting!!

could you share the Trigger you’re using to scan the barcode and what the Variable below the Barcode Widget is displaying??

I tried replicating this on my instance (and while I do not have a barcode scanner) the Variable which the scanner would read is displaying the same values, including the line breaks:


Hey @gio,
Here what the variable below the barcode Widget is displaying :

And here is my trigger i am using :slight_smile:

Knowing that i even don’t have a barcode scanner so i use the optical one for tests.

hello @FahdERM,

thanks for sharing!! I did some investigation using the Optical Barcode Scanner on my end and it does seem to work as intended, including the line breaks:

have you also tried with a QR Code??


Hey @gio,
I have already tried this with a QR code and it works correctly. I will try to generate an other barcode and keep you in touch.
But an other thing, imagine that i have to generate a barcode with several line breaks or symbols like “/” or “;” for example. Hom can i decompose the read variable and to get each element in av separate variable : for example you variable with the two words “Helle \n World” and to save Hello in a variable and World in an other variable.

Hi @gio,
Here is an other test that i have done :

Hey Fahd,
Here is the set-up that I used to extract 2 variables from a text input field.

Let us know if this works for you!


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Hey @Het,
Thanks for this sharing. I tried this and i got what i want. Now i have to figure out why i can’t read the genrated barcode.

Hey Guys,
In addition to this topic, any one know how to flip and rotate the live view of the camera when reading a barcode on a tablet?

Hi @gio,
How can i generate a QR code that includes line breaks? I tried to do so using the same connector function but it shows me an error and doesn’t generate the code.

hello @FahdERM!! would you mind clarifying which Connector Function you are referring to??

when using the Barcode Widget you can display the Barcode tied to a Variable that has multiple lines:

would this work for you?? let me know!!

Hi @gio,
For the moment i am using this fucntion :

But the other method worked for me so thank you for your help. Every thing is okay now.

great to hear!! let us know if other questions come up.