Barcode Scanner


I just buy a scanner MJ-4000 (wireless bluetooth scanner)

And I have a kind of trouble
-When the wire (for charging the scanner) is connected, it can can read any barcode and place it in an input variable.

But when I disconnect this charging wire and use the scanner as a wireless, it only reads any barcode and do not place it in an input variable.

hello @luis.oropeza, thanks for posting your question!!

just to confirm, are you using a Trigger similar to this one:

or is the data being stored when an Input Widget is highlighted??

Yes I have it as you mentioned.
I think that it seems to be something on the scanner configuration; I have 3 of this and all of them perform same.

OK, thanks @luis.oropeza for the information. the issue could very well be with the configuration of the scanner as you mention.

have you tried storing the scanner’s output on a text file on your computer while its connected via Bluetooth??

Yes I did, and the information is read it and storage.

But when I tried in tulip, it is only read it, I mean the variable keep as a clear variable.
Also when click on the input variable, then scan the barcode, still remaining the same.

OK, thanks for clarifying @luis.oropeza!!

have you tried displaying the Variable, rather than tying it back to an Input Widget??

even this, it didn’t work either.
Probably is the configuration of the scanner