Barcode Scanner


I just buy a scanner MJ-4000 (wireless bluetooth scanner)

And I have a kind of trouble
-When the wire (for charging the scanner) is connected, it can can read any barcode and place it in an input variable.

But when I disconnect this charging wire and use the scanner as a wireless, it only reads any barcode and do not place it in an input variable.

hello @luis.oropeza, thanks for posting your question!!

just to confirm, are you using a Trigger similar to this one:

or is the data being stored when an Input Widget is highlighted??

Yes I have it as you mentioned.
I think that it seems to be something on the scanner configuration; I have 3 of this and all of them perform same.

OK, thanks @luis.oropeza for the information. the issue could very well be with the configuration of the scanner as you mention.

have you tried storing the scanner’s output on a text file on your computer while its connected via Bluetooth??

Yes I did, and the information is read it and storage.

But when I tried in tulip, it is only read it, I mean the variable keep as a clear variable.
Also when click on the input variable, then scan the barcode, still remaining the same.

OK, thanks for clarifying @luis.oropeza!!

have you tried displaying the Variable, rather than tying it back to an Input Widget??

even this, it didn’t work either.
Probably is the configuration of the scanner

Hello Gio, regarding to this problem
I bought another wireless barcode scanner (DATALOGIC MODEL: BC2030 TYPE: BK-BT), and it seems to show the same problem.

I tried to scan different barcodes, but it cannot be placed in any kind of variable in tulip.

interesting, thanks for sharing @luis.oropeza.

so just to confirm, is it only these 2 scanners (DATALOGIC MODEL: BC2030 TYPE: BK-BT and MJ-4000) that you’re seeing this issue with?? if so, are they connected via the Gateway or directly into a Player??

I have done my part of struggling with the same issue.
Wireless 2D Barcode Scanner (not bluetooth) - Where can I find one?
My goal was to connect a wireless scanner directly to a station device by bluetooth, in my case a portable MS Surface.
A scanner connected by bluetooth directly to your station device (Player) will not work!
It has to be connected by USB for the Player to be able to use it as an input device.

I ended up with a scanner from a company called ProGlove (thanks to @youri.regnaud ). In addition to the scanner I also needed a gateway. This gateway is a small device which I have placed on the back of the MS Surface. The gateway is connected to the Surface by USB. Gateway and scanner communicates wireless.

This solution is a bit pricy compared to the Datalogic scanner you mentioned.

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Yes, I only have this 2 kind of wireless scanners and both seems to have the same issue.
They are connected directly into a player.

Awesome! thank you for your support!.

Thats good to know it .


We also have the problem that the connected scanners work without problems via Bluetooth with Windows but can only be connected to Tulip via USB.
Is there now a solution for this without having to switch an additional gateway in between?