[Belated Tuesday Topic] How do you share Tulip knowledge and best practices WITHIN your own organization?

This is a question more relevant for bigger companies, especially when you have multiple sites across different geographies and time zones! But I have heard this come up a couple times and thought it might be nice to crowd source some best practices from Tulip Community :slight_smile:

A couple thoughts / questions:

  1. How do you advertise/promote Tulip internally within your company? One site may be using Tulip and another may not, but could benefit from doing so!
  2. How do you share knowledge that has already been learned from Tulip experts / citizen developers broadly? Best practices, template designs, app building tips and tricks, what use cases have worked best, etc. etc.
  3. How does a site that is experienced with Tulip best support new sites or parts of the business as they begin deploying their own Tulip solutions?
  4. How do you share successes and learnings across the company? If site A has built a great inventory management app, how does site B learn about that and adopt it?

To me, these questions center around building an internal Tulip Community at bigger companies so that folks can best support each other across large organizations, very similar to what we are doing here with the broader, external Tulip Community!

I have some ideas, but I want to hear from others first - chime in below with your thoughts or additional questions around this topic.