[Topic Tuesday] What is your best advice for someone just getting started with Tulip?

Howdy folks!

I know we have a diverse mix of folks in Tulip Community, from those who may have just signed up to try Tulip to those who have been using it for years.

I want to know - thinking back to you when first got going with Tulip - what is some advice you would give someone who is just getting started?

  • Any tips or tricks?
  • Favorite Tulip University content that helped you?
  • Knowledge base articles that were great?
  • An easy use case that helped you learn by getting into the details of apps building?
  • Attending office hours?
  • ???

We would love for you to share what you have learned! :nerd_face:

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Connect a scanner to understand that everything is events and triggers in Tulip. If you understand that, you get it.


Hey, I’m Madison!

As a Customer Success Manager here at Tulip :slight_smile: and also someone who learned Tulip from scratch, I would say the Knowledge Base is so much more of your friend than you think. As you navigate through Tulip University, navigate through knowledge base articles alongside it, you’d be surprised where you could get stuck and knowledge base is there to fill the gaps of understanding.

Some of my favorite articles:

Attending Office Hours, even if you don’t have questions - you’d be surprised by the things you learn about how other people in the Tulip community are using and even doing things. A great place to soak up information and even ask people like you questions.

Lastly, reach out to us (Your CSM/GAM), We are here to help you brainstorm and even just talk through what your vision of Tulip looks like and are here to guide you through the platform as you need, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re ALWAYS excited to hear from you! :smiley: