Best practices for building apps and tracking versions

Hi Everyone,
I did a little search but didn’t find anything at first. We are trying to put together a document of best practices and naming conventions for our build out of Tulip. As we build out our infrastructure more and more people are getting access to our instance and it’s time to set up some rules and conventions.

Does anyone have any good resources for putting together a list like this. Once we have ours I will be happy to share it.


I don’t know any document but would also be interested. We could just start this thread as a log of any best practices people would like to share.

Here are some of mine:
Always name your triggers; More of a necessity if you have multiple triggers on one step, but it’s good no matter what I think

Utilize step folders

Come up with a variable naming scheme and stick to it; My preferred method is stepFolder.variableName If you have a lot of variables in an app a good naming scheme will cut down on time searching through your variables.

If a button or shape has a variable color make the default color something outside of your app color scheme to make it clear that the color/transparency are variable.

Some best practices I would really be curious about are trigger best practices. For example, when creating complicated actions is there a performance difference in having multiple triggers on one button press vs. a bunch of if-else statements within one trigger?

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