How often do you use Triggers?

Hi Tulip Community! My name is Pete and I am on the Product team here at Tulip. I have a question for you - any and all feedback is appreciated and really helps us improve the product.

How often are you creating or editing triggers while building an app?

  • Very little - it’s a small amount of the total time I spend building apps.
  • Sometimes - my time is evenly split between writing triggers and other tasks.
  • All the time - most of my time is spent working with triggers

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Hi Pete,
When building an app, ofcourse writing the specifications is the most important part but when this is ready, most of work is implementing the algoritm inside the app and validations, those 2 can be done only with triggers, the design is important too but do not take so long time as the triggers, so improving all consider with triggers like variable list, global variables, easy work with triggers, will be very helpful.

Thank you,
Amit Berku