Multiple Part Numbers with common materials

Hello Community!

I am a newbie working on trying to simplify some of our apps that a previous engineer setup.

We have about 10 parts that one a common substrate and just various initial measurements for holes / slots.

I was wondering if people have input on the benefits of setting up to just have one app with options to run several parts in it vs having a separate app for each part?

The only part I’m hung up on is having separate entry steps to record measurements for first offs based on the actual specific part.

Appreciate any insight you may have - thanks!

hello @kristendanson, and welcome to the Tulip Community!!

we typically recommend having as few apps as possible. this makes it simpler to manage when you need to make an improvement or modification to your apps.

in the example you’re providing you can have the common measurement be shared across all 10 parts, and then have different steps for the other measurements.

does this help?? if you’d like we can cover this in next weeks’ Office Hours!!


That would be wonderful - thank you!

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