Let's build apps together!

Hey everyone!

Here at Tulip we are very excited to be able to provide you with useful pre-made apps & content that you can use to immediately out of the box to solve real problems or maybe just as examples for you to see some more advanced techniques and data structures.

Is this something that you are interested in? The idea is that we could make content based on your actual requests in this forum and you (and anyone else!) could try them out and use them or adjust them as you’d like. We would make walkthrough videos and documentation to support these apps.

With your feedback and input I think we could make some really powerful content to help the community!

Oh and if you want to share your apps with the community and other people start to request and use them maybe we can send you some Tulip gear! I recommend the Tulip sweatpants - I pretty much wear them all of the time.

Please comment and let me know what you think! What app should we build first??


I’d like to make a few suggestions that will hopefully get the ball rolling…
do any of these use cases sound useful to you? If so - let’s build them and then you can try them out in production!

  • Quality / defect reporting - Add this to your work instruction apps or anything else to start capturing paretos and initiating workflows within your team
  • Material Systems (warehouse picking) - This can be used by your material handlers to locate and pick parts for distribution to downstream operations based on sequenced schedules or requests
  • Hourly Scorecards - Simply push a button, footpedal, or scan at the end of any given line and have a dashboard ready to go showing actual vs target

If you are interested in any of these… or any others… let me know! Let’s build these together and share them with the community

A Visitor Management System

Check a visitor in
Things it could possibly do

Scan a form of ID
Alert a person that you are there to see them
In an emergency alert the visitor (would have to collect a phone number)
Take a picture and print a temp badge

Hey @mellerbeck,

This is an awesome idea for a Tulip app!

I’ve started putting together an app that we can use as a starting point as we build this app together. Video walkthrough here:

Is this what you had in mind for the Visitor Management App? Let us know and we can plan a call to continue building on it if so!