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Heya Tulip family,

I need suggestions to create an app for our warehouse management.
I want to see the number of order lines picked, packed and sent out every day by the team. The concept is simple to reflect how the day is going to the team, how much orders did we send out of what was planned and also captured information like how many people are there each other, what went wrong? OEE for the day, etc…

It’s an interesting topic, I do know other management software is out, however, I am sure Tulip is a capable and interactive tool that can be used.

Looking forward to hearing back from you all.

Thanks Han :slight_smile:

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hello @Haneesh, welcome back to the Community – it’s been a while!!

that’s a great use case you’re describing for Tulip. based on what I’m understanding, the Material Management App from our Library should be a great starting point. here are some resources to find out more about this App:

as @sackley mentions, you can extend this App so you can tailor it to surface the information you’re looking for.

what are your thoughts on this App?? let us know and we can take it from there!!

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Hey there!
I just wanted to weigh in on this use case. I’ll be leaning on my personal experience in the pick/pack/ship areas that I’ve worked in throughout my past, so I may be a little off from what your specific operation is like without discussing your operation in more detail. There is a ton of opportunity in this space and I am glad that your request seems to focus on the foundational elements of this - certainly with Tulip we could explore further improvements such a pick-to-light or other forms of process optimization.

With that said - let me share how I would think of this. Long story short - I think the Job Module is the best data structure for this application. Essentially, your pickers are mobile workcenters, processing orders from a queue. This queue is likely coming from another information system such as your ERP, but from the picker standpoint they likely just have a pick ticket of some kind that represents what they should pick and what orders the item(s) relate to.

Eventually we’ll want to connect to this ERP but to start, let’s just ask that pickers scan their pick ticket information into a mobile device (or central terminal, your choice). Scanning this in should record that the pick ticket is with a given user. The ticket will be in an “In queue” status. Once picked, it will transition to “in progress” and finally, when delivered to the pack station, “complete”. This will vary depending on your operation but generally speaking, these pick tickets are being processed for the next stage.

At the pack station, we may be interested in making sure that all materials for a given customer order (all related pick tickets) are complete. This structure enables this, as well. Each user will represent and log the production in a workcenter - these could be divided into departments depending on your operation. For example, you may measure pickers differently than packing stations, or some stations/pickers may have different expectations depending on how you’ve organized things.

The jobs module can support all of this activity and produce the kind of dashboards you’re looking for. The UI will need to be tailored to meet the needs of your workers / operation but overall, the structure should give you the kind of visibility you are looking for.

If this sounds like the right direction please let me know and I’d be happy to help build this out - we could even add it to the library as an example for people in a similar position as yourself!

Here is a link to the job module support document. The Job module is the foundation of the work order tracking application:


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Heya Gio, I will go through the links and get back to you. Thanks, appreciate.

Heya Mark, well put up. I am trying to understand how can I structure the app based on our operations and will definitely get back to you and Gio will some update. Thanks, appreciate.

@gio AND @freedman Hi guys, I just discussed the structure of the application and how we want to progress.
Please find attached the basic structure.

great, thanks for sharing this @Haneesh!!

looks like architecture of the app is coming along very well, is there anything that we can do to support you as you build this solution??

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I will let you guys know :slight_smile:

Well, enjoy your holidays! Merry Xmas and Happy New Year.

OK @Haneesh, let us know.

thanks, happy holidays and new year to you too!!

Heya @gio, I hope you are doing well.
We decided to prevent double handling of entering the data in the app, however, more interested in displaying and capturing the time as a BI tool that can pull the information directly from ERP and show us the current status as how many lines have been picked for the delivery, what all have been packed, shipped etc etc.

I am collecting my thoughts around the same with the team. Will update you as I have a framework and then can make a basic app to start with.


hello @Haneesh, thanks for the update!! let us know if there’s anything we can help with.

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