Better visibility of object array name in trigger editor

It would be nice if I could see what an object array name for a variable is without clicking on the dropdowns. I often copy triggers and need to point the actions to different object arrays, but because the variable name (within the array) is the same, I can’t tell which have been updated without a bunch of clicking, since you can only see the variable name from the trigger view (and not the object array name).

Hey Bryan, I have run into this myself… I think that in the future, we could do a much better job of showing the different variables types in the Trigger Editor, which would make this easier.

However in the short term, I was thinking of adding the object name after the property name in parentheses so it became clear that the property name was linked with the object name.

objectName = {
prop1: ‘string’

Would become “prop1 (objectName)” in the dropdown list in the Trigger Editor.

How does that sound?

Seems like a decent short term fix, but definitely not ideal :grin:

Appreciate the suggestion