Border for Pictures


I have a request for a new feature that you can add a border to images for better visualization. Currently, we have to place an additional rectangle under the pictures. On top of that, it would be good if you can change the color via a variable.
Thank you very much!

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Hi @dmatzke, thanks for sharing the feature request. This makes a lot of sense and our team will see what we can do to achieve this.

One quick question — could you share more about what you are trying to accomplish with the border color as a variable? Thanks so much!

Hello @shep,
thank you for the quick and positive feedback. We would like to set the color depending on the feedback from certain machine attributes (for example green for OK, red for not OK). The function would then be the same as for the borders of the standard forms.

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Hi @dmatzke, thanks for sharing more about your particular use case. This is helpful context for when we consider this enhancement. Our team will look into this and hope to address it soon!

Thanks again for your suggestion, and looking forward to hearing more ideas from you in the future!

Maybe you consider the image widget as a whole topic.

You could add all types of properties:

  • border color (border on the actual image, not the widget)
  • border width
  • border radius
  • background color (of the widget e.g. when the image is smaller and you want to hide something)
  • alternative text (when image not found or loadable…)
  • keeping the aspect ratio of the image (already discussed in other threads, all ways to display images behave differently here…)
    → e.g. an option to choose between
    • fit width & cut height
    • fit height & cut width
    • cut image to widget size
    • squeeze into widget size (shrink only)
    • squeeze into widget size (shrink or enlarge)
    • resize into widget size (keep aspect ratio)
    • shrink into widget size (keep aspect ratio)