Image Widget Aspect Ratio Variable Source

When using the new image widget that can source its images from a variable. The picture displayed will use the aspect ratio of the widget and not its native aspect ratio. If the widget is 1:1 ratio and the variable being loaded into it is 3:2, it gets stretched or shrunk to fit the whole 1:1 widget. This is different from utilizing the variable widget, where it will auto fit the bounding box and keep its native aspect ratio.

The benefit of using the image widget is the triggers that can be set up with it. The other route requires an invisible button overlayed onto the variable widget which can get messy and hard to manage with lack of being able to set layers well.

Hi Chris,
Thank you for reporting this.

I’ve made a bug ticket to fix it.

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Bumping this thread because this bug still exists

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Hey @Ethan -

Just checked in on this one. The Vision team is actively working on this one. The pull for this change happened back on the 7th, so I would expect to see this resolved very soon.


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Is this bug fixed?
We have an App using Image widget with the data source from Tulip Table Record, and the user is asking why the aspect ratio is shrunk from the original image.
(I would like to have the click action “Show Image Full Screen”, so using “Variable”/“Table Record” widget is not an option.)

I have same problem. Is this bug going to be fixed ?

Hi there -

So it looks like a while back the aspect ratio was fixed for static image values, but not for variable or table records! I went ahead a re-opened this request with the Team and they will work on getting it prioritized.

Thank you for bringing this back to our attention!

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As for the Variable widget, the aspect ratio of the original image is preserved.
As for the Image widget, the aspect ratio of the original image is not preserved.

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Thank you for adding these details @ta-aoki !