Bug: Image widget can only view pictures saved by itself?

Hi @Beth
I’m not a developer, only an user and app builder.
but for me it’s definitively a bug, because the behavior can’t be so random to show a preview and then not. Your developers need to explain under which circumstances/environments the captured images will be displayed and when not.
If you say: the input image widget never should display a picture, then it’s a product suggestion - but a design bug.
But if the behavior is not the same for all circumstances - then it’s a bug - if they believe or not.

when you need a workaround you know there’s something wrong.
But as long as the embed image widget can not handle the image aspect ratio, it can then really only be an emergency solution.

Please remember: the missing aspect ratio for image widgets has been ignored for years https://community.tulip.co/t/image-widget-aspect-ratio-variable-source/4895/7
Sorry to say that

Regards Chris