BUG? Uploading an image via the table editor causes the Image Input widget to display a black image rather than the uploaded image

When I currently upload an image via the Image Input widget from within an app everything is fine. However, if I load a record for which the image was “pre-uploaded” via the table editor, a black box is displayed instead of the image.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create table with image column
  2. Create new record in that table and populate the image field with a random image in the dialog
  3. Create an app with a table placholder referencing that newly created table
  4. Add an image input widget to the first step and link it to the placeholder image field
  5. Make the image placeholder load the record with the previously uploaded image
  6. The image input widget will be black rather than showing the uploaded image

I am unsure whether this is the issue but I would see an image as black if the signed url is expired. When you open the image from the image url located in the table column, can you see the image?

Yes I can, and this is not some old link - this happens also when you just entered that record a few seconds ago via the table editor.

Hi… I experience the same thing here. Does anyone know the cause?

Hi all,

First, is there a specific use case for displaying an image in an input widget, rather than an embedded table record?

Second, are you also linking an interactive table to this record placeholder? Unless you select a record, the input widget will not know which record to load.

Please see below:

Hi @SydneyDoyle

I use input widget because I want to use the same step to upload (1st time, user uploads the image and stores it in a Tulip table record) and view/edit the image later (load the record to the widget)

Yes, I use an interactive table to select a record and then load the record to the widget
The highlighted text below is from the same record loaded when the step is opened
but the image is not loaded… I tried it many times and it always fails to load the image
*Sorry for the blurred image

Hmm, it seems to be working on my end:

It might be helpful to attend office hours to walk through this with someone on our team to see where things are going wrong.