Checkbox color variable also for border?

Hi there,
i recognize, that the variable for a checkbox color does not also change the border of it . I think that is a bug or change the widget to setup the border seperately

hello @ChrisF,

the color selection for the checkbox changes the checkmark or the background depending on whether Checkbox or Toggle is selected. have you tried using the Toggle??

if you’d like to change the border while using the Checkbox, you could add a rectangle behind the Checkbox and set it to the color you’d like:

let me know if this helps in what you’re trying to build!!


Hi Gio,
thank you for your replay, but the toggle box is not usefull due to the usability of the app in use. To add a rectangle is not practicable when using ~80 checkboxes per user/tester

I had hoped to change the border color with the ckechbox color.


OK understood. I have communicated this suggestion with our product team who will be investigating adding this customizability to checkboxes.