Build a 5s Application

I’m currently working through the course Build a 5s Application. At the beginning the instructor refers to tables we should already have in place, in order to facilitate the build. He mentions providing links to a couple app viewers can download, so they get the correct tables in place.

I can’t seem to find the links he’s referring to. He also make a reference to tables created in a previous lesson, but I can’t quite catch what he says, it’s not clear.

If anyone can offer clarification or guidance, I’d appreciate the help.

Hey Todd,

It looks like the instructor outlined the tables and fields to help you build them from scratch in this lesson:

Because this is an older course, it might refer to some deprecated apps. However, the 5s checklist in the Tulip Library should install most of the tables from the course in your instance. I’d use these tables and the course as a guide, rather than a rule, as relevant fields will always change depending on your use:

I hope this helps!

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Thank you Sydney, this certainly helps. I had built the table structures with no issue, I guess I was hoping to grab some sample data along the way to populate with. Similar to how you had a sample csv for importing in one of your courses.

Appreciate your support.