Can Tulip be contracted to create connectors and setups?

Does Tulip as a company offer contracting services to get your operations running faster? We have the need to connect much of our software and get it up and running quickly to scale it quickly through manufacturing. If so what services do you guys offer?


Hey Camron, great question! We have a full professional services team here at Tulip, as well as a growing network of certified channel and tech partners (more info here) with offerings that span the full breadth of our platform, including solution design, app/connector building, and deployment guidance. Let me know if you want me to get in touch directly to discuss further!


I think I am good for now during our first phase of deployment we are only doing work instructions. However, we do want to interconnect software together and get things automated and it would be nice to get some help getting everything integrated.

Sounds good! Follow up here or reach out to your Tulip account representatives and we’d be more than happy to scope out appropriate professional services to keep you productive. In the meantime, the Connectors section of our Knowledge Base may be a helpful starting point in terms of communicating with other software. Let us know if you have questions!

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@scottmattocks Hey Scott, a much larger question to answer but I was able to get tulip approved for our new product beta build, but I do not want this project to fail I need to paint a better picture for people so there is more incentive to implement tulip into our operations as a whole.

Is there someone that could work with me to help me create this vision for my company? I know many of tulips capabilities and how powerful it can be when it comes to guided work instructions but I know that is just one small part of what tulip could be doing for our company.

I would like to create a value stream map to show how tulip can affect our operations, automate mundane tasks, help with production planning, and help us maximize our product understanding by collecting data.

This will also help me know who my stakeholders are in a more holistic way. Id really like to see a tulip pros perspective of where we could go using your software.

@Shrmnatr Yes, definitely! Can you direct message me your email address? I’ll put you in direct contact with your Tulip Account Manager who will happily help out with this effort!