Announcing the First-Ever Library of Manufacturing Apps and Connectors

We are very excited to announce the availability of our new Tulip Library! The new library is the first of its kind – the library features easily-configurable industrial apps, templates, and connectors to help manufacturers accelerate their digital transformation.

The Tulip Library allows you to search for manufacturing apps, connectors, and more.

We often talk about how the shop floor has been left behind. We point out that although this industry has been at the forefront of bleeding-edge tech for decades, it is still mostly living in an on-premise, paper-based, and analog reality. We wanted to build a self-serve experience for manufacturing apps that matched the consumer-grade tech experience we all expect from our phones and smart home devices.

With the Tulip Library, Tulip users will be able to get from their business need to value as quickly and as painlessly as possible. The Tulip Library showcases apps and solutions that are inspired by Tulip-built apps in use at top manufacturing companies. Once you find an app or a connector that you want to use, you can sign in, click the “Get App” button, and get started configuring apps in your Tulip accounts. Easily configure the app to meet your or rapidly build a new app with modules that you can copy and paste into the app as you build.

Each app includes a description, video, and how-to tutorial as well as a button to install the app into your account.

Add the manufacturing app to your account by adding your account URL.

As we see how Tulip is configured and used for a growing set of use cases, the Tulip library team will work with in-house experts and consultancies to build more best-practice apps and templates. We’ve created how-to video tutorials and in-depth installation guides to accompany each app. These materials document exactly how the app is built and how you can configure it to meet your requirements.

If you are not already a Tulip customer, don’t worry! You can sign up for a free trial and download an app to see the product and understand its core functionality.

The new Tulip Library is now available at Check it out to explore dozens of Tulip best practices.

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