Upcoming Tulip Library Webinar 21JUN2021!

hello all, I wanted to share an exciting webinar that @joshuarichard and I will be hosting on 2021-06-21T18:00:00Z2021-06-21T19:00:00Z on our new Tulip Library!!

with the new Tulip library, you can accelerate your digital transformation efforts by starting your journey with out-of-the-box apps and connectors. the newly upgraded version of the library now features app suites, connectors, and device drivers in addition to easily configurable industrial apps, templates, and connectors to help you accelerate your digital transformation. the library is the first of its kind, find out more here.

join to learn how you can start using the apps (and app suites) to improve your frontline operations today!!

click here to register: Access Industry Best Practices with the Tulip Library | Tulip Interfaces!!