Can we use TULIP Vision for Inspection of Component orientation (Specially on the PCB)

Hello Experts,

Wanted to seek some expert advice on how TULIP can be used for Visual Inspection of components Orientation on Printed Circuit board

Hi @nirku, you can use Tulip Vision with a microscope camera (listed in the hardware recommendations support article here) to manual inspect the PCB in real-time with the camera feed directly accessible in Player and Factory. I’d need some more clarity (and data) if you wish to automate this visual inspection process. I’d be glad to talk to you about this feature. Please feel free to set some time as per your convenience on my calendar.


Hey Saif,

Awesome. Thank you so much for your quick response.
Please share me your email ID or a link where i can setup a meeting with you

Hey @nirku , here’s the calendly link : Feel free to schedule the meeting at your convenience!