Vision events help

Can anybody tell me if these vision events are enabled and if so how to correctly use them?

I’ve tested changes began, changes ended without problems and that’s as far as I’ve gotten. I’m either trying to use these in the incorrect way or they’re unusable at this current point in time.?.?

I’m using the in depth D415 but maybe the other events are in the queue to be used with an intel T265?

Any help is appreciated! Thank you.

Hi @DewyWCI !

What you’re seeing there are future features of Tulip Vision that are not enabled right now on your Tulip instance.
They will begin to be released on Tulip over the next few weeks.

If you are looking to expand your use of Vision - set up some time to talk with us! Book a time slot on Calendly - Roy Shilkrot

Great, I thought I was using them incorrectly somehow.

Is there a firm timeline for certain features or just release them as they’re debugged/functioning correctly?

I cant wait to start testing these features out!

Thanks for the clarification!!!

We’re in different phases of testing the new features, and they will come out as they mature. Our biggest concern is that nothing will break your current setup.
If you’re interested in seeing them in action or get a preview - we’re here to talk.

I would definitely like to see them in action!

Should I get something set up through the schedule link you provided earlier?


Yes that’s a good way to book a meeting with me: Calendly - Roy Shilkrot
Would be great to hear about the use cases you have in mind for Vision.