Can you access the app description inside the editor?

I would like to put the app description on the title page of the app, but I only see the App Name in app info

Hi Gary,

Thanks for the Q!

If you click the pencil that shows up when hoover your mouse by the app title, you should be able to add a description (and then that description will show up beneath the title) - are you able to do this? If not, what factory release are you on?

Hi Beth

I can add the description to the app, but I’m having trouble adding it to the cover page of my app. I don’t see it available as a a App Info variable. Am I looking in the wrong spot?

Ah I think I understand - are you wanting to add the app description to a step (in this case, you app cover sheet) as a variable (like you would App name)?

@Beth, that’s correct

Understood - Currently, this isn’t possible (you would just have to copy the description to a normal text box for now), but I will make this into a product request for you and the team will see what they can do :slight_smile: