Challenge using array, expression and SQL connector

I created an App that is designed to:

Take kanban ID input by user and define the related SKU using a MySQL connector function. User also inputs the quantity of products made.

Then it uses the SKU to list BOM data (including each part number in the BOM) using a MySQL connector function.

Then it uses an expression to calculate usage (as defined by the BOM for each part number) multiplied by the quantity of products made.

Then it is supposed to loop to the next BOM line item and perform the same calculation until it moves through all lines of the BOM (array).

Then it inserts the results into MySQL via connector function.

@gio helped me make this work with a table, but when I transitioned to inserting to MySQL instead of a table, only the first line of the BOM is inserted and the expression doesn’t work properly.

hello @velogirlrides,

can you try running the app from Developer mode?? this way you’ll be able to see what all the Variables are assigned to as the Triggers run. if you could send a screenshot before and after the Step is opened, that’ll help us debug.


How did I not know about Developer Mode???

I used developer mode to fix the problem of progressing through the BOM array to decrement usage for each part on the BOM. And the math is working as well.

Thank you @gio.

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no problem @velogirlrides, Developer Mode is indeed very helpful to help with debugging!!

happy to hear the integration is working well.