Bring in BOM table from external database into form step

Is there a way to bring in BOM information like item number, quantity, item number as a checklist / multi-select option from a database into a form step where operators can verify the BOM before starting a job?

Manually, it is possible to type in the information on a form step, however, if there are more products, it becomes difficult.

Do you currently have an http or sql connector set up in Tulip that pulls in the required information? If the information only needs to be verified and not modified, you should be able to do this quite easily but calling the connector function in an app and using a variable widget that shows the output.

As for forms, we have been working on adding stand alone input widgets as a more nimble way to interact with data on steps. Right now we have added some of the most basic ones, number, text and boolean inputs. We are working on adding some of the others already in form steps, dropdown and multi-select, for example. After we have all of the input types we will add several flows that make it much easier to auto generate collections of these into forms that can be placed anywhere and better fit in the tulip system. Basically we are going to make forms better and easier to integrate, and we are not going to be making major improvements to the current form step feature.

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