Challenges with Tulip Table Reading and Interactive Functionality

We are currently facing some difficulties with reading the Tulip table. In our conductivity case, we have a set of procedures, each with its own associated tasks. I am trying to create an interactive table that displays unique procedure names and allows the operator to click on each procedure to complete its associated task. However, Tulip does not offer a way to query unique procedure names. The aggregation functionality allows table values to be loaded onto variables, but not onto the interactive table. Can someone please assist me with this?


Hey Mani,

The data structure you are hoping for is an array, so Tulip does not have functionality to display that as a table without doing some funny stuff. However, you can create a very similar display by utilizing the Unique Values aggregation fed into a single select widget. The key to note is that the single select widget has an option to use Radio Buttons instead of a Dropdown. This will create a very similar interface based on an array.

You can then use the variable from this input however you were planning to use the table record.

If you need help setting up the Unique Values aggregation, just let me know and I can respond with more info. Here is a good start.