Options for filtering an interactive table

I’ve seen a few posts on this, but I just wanted to know all of my options.

Fair warning

We keep very little data in Tulip, so most of this info is from connectors to our ERP.

Situation: I want the user to be able to filter the list of employees by department.

Option 1: Two interactive tables.

Picture of two tables

  • Table 1 is list of department IDs and descriptions (but only showing the descriptions)
  • On row selection, run connector to get employee list (with parameter of dept. ID)
  • Table 2 is populated with connector output (employee list)
  • Disadvantage: it takes up too much space and/or you have to scroll

Option 2: Dropdown box and a button

Picture of dropdown


  • Dropdown is a list of department IDs - saves to a variable
  • Choose one then click a button
  • Button has a trigger to run connector for employee list
  • Disadvantage: Extra clicks (I like it to be instant). Plus, I can’t hide the ID and show the description - which is a nice option - or even show multiple columns in the dropdown.

What else is there?

  • Can I do a pop-up window for the department interactive table? Then run the connector for the main window?
  • Dropdown with a trigger would be nice (no button needed); also multi-column dropdown and/or return var different from the visible choices
  • Other things I am missing?

hello @JasonMcD, thanks for posting!! I’m also eager to hear what other users have built.

from my perspective, I believe you’ve considered the 2 best options for achieving what you’re describing. the last one I would like to mention is using a Text Input that acts as a Search: Search Embedded Tables. what are your thoughts on this??

to answer your questions:

this Library App has a nice Step dedicated to a Modal that could work well as a starting point: Tulip UI Template | Operations App Library | Tulip

this sounds like a great Product suggestions - Tulip Community to me!! would you mind posting??

@gio Thank you as always.

OK, I’m intrigued, but… Am I correct that the filter option is not available unless I use a Tulip Table? Our data comes from the ERP, not Tulip, so if so, this is a dead end for me, anyway. Really cool, though.

cough Filters should be on connector tables, too cough

I downloaded this, but I don’t get it. Not to be funny, but it looks completely faked - or am I missing something? The area behind the “modal” is a faux-screen made to look like one of the other steps.

In the end, I think the dropdown with a button is just fine. I have the freedom to change the department names in the ERP (and no one would know…), so I did that to make the selections better.

But yes, I’ll suggest the idea for sure. That seems like a slam dunk.

Dropdown trigger suggestion exists already - I just had to use the right term for it:

And then I added the multi-column idea:

@gio Do you agree? I’ll put in a suggestion if that’s true and it is not available on variable-based Interactive Tables.

hello @JasonMcD, my apologies for the delayed response. I thought the filtering was also available on data returned from Connector Functions, but must be getting confused as it’s indeed not showing up.

I think it’s a great suggestion, it would be appreciated if you could share it.

for the short term, could you filter the information your ERP provides back to Tulip as to only contain the filtered data??


Yep sure can. I just like to know all of the options.