Basic "Lookup" Functions Using Table Queries and Aggregations

Hi Folks, I’ve gotten a couple of questions in the last week about lookup functions in Tulip tables. While Tulip doesn’t have a built-in lookup function, there are some techniques that you can use to the same effect.

This video is a quick overview by my colleague @freedman of how you can use the mode aggregation to load a record into a record placeholder by a value in a different field.

Here’s a follow up from an office hours sessions where we covered the same topic.

If folks have other ways of approaching this technique I’d love to hear them!

Depending on the use case you could solve it without any triggers.

You could display a second Interactive Table, where you display the query result
(this could be limited to 1, but optional also been created as “contains” instead of “equals” do deliver a quick selection)

This Table gets the same place holder.

Clicking on this table selects the record, without any triggers.
This could look something like this:

I also had some combined use cases, where I autoselect (as shown in Johns Video) if its only one hit but ask for selection if there are multiple…

As quick search with a “pick one” selection (Hex “contains” a “C”):


Love it, @thorsten.langner this is a great solution!